DevilDolls2 by Colero (www.colero.ca)

DevilDolls2 by Colero (www.colero.ca)


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    Oh, yes, very nice, Majesty (I only know one who is cuter 😉 )

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    Wow!!! Seriously too beautiful for words. The guy’s got talent.

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    Alain Valley

    But those are only 3d models retouched , not original paintings, i saw his website and the total lack of rough sketches makes me think the few that aren’t 3d models are only retouched photos 😐

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    It’s entirely possible really that he’s Photoshopped real women into Succubi and the other creatures on his site… I mean I do that as well on occasion… Not anywhere near as well but anyway….

    And whether or not they are retouched or 3D models, I still think he has a tremendous amount of talent to create what he has…


    Thank you for commenting!


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