Succubi Image of the Week 33

Through a Google group about Devil Girls. I have discovered an artist with an amazing amount of talent…

And he’s Canadian too!

His name is Bruce Colero and his website is:

And this absolute work of art is called Devildolls2.

It’s just beyond words the amount of detail in this image.. I love the tail and the overall look of the Succubi he has created… You can see the folds and textures of her wings… I love her eyes… Soooo deliciously created…. 

It’s something that I would love to own the original painting of…

I invite you to visit his website and browse his remarkable works!



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    • James on August 8, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    I thought was gorgeous yesterday, still do. I thought there was only one succubi I knew who was cuter 😉 ; still do. Some how the reply was eaten in cyberspace.

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