See the Horns?

I posted my 37,000th post and manip on the Collective a day or so ago…

The link for the Collective is in the Blogroll in the right sidebar for those interested in seeing it… It’s not a Succubi manip FYI…

A very very dear friend of mine, James, sent me this poem in recognition of this milestone and he has graciously allowed me to share it here on the Tale…

<huggles and kisses>

Thank you my heart…





See the Horns?

By James


See the horns?

See the tail?

Got a clue?


A clue, perhaps, one might say that,

but do you really see?

Is it only what you want

or hope might truly be?

Are your predilections there

in how you reason out

what two horns poking through her hair

are truly all about?

Do you see evil on her head

or lust grown from that tail?

If you don’t see the mischief or

the kindness, then you fail.

You must look past your own, small world

and see her as a whole

if you would ever hope to find

the true depths of her soul.


See the horns?

See the tail?

Got a clue?


And yet, these are not lightly read.

These fascinating clues

can stretch out meanings so deep that

even Tera misconstrues.

The mischief, that she knows about;

she knows the passion, too,

yet overlooks the artistry 

that we see running through.

She struggles with the title, “Queen.”

She has no wish to reign,

but overlooks the kindly grace

and charm that is so plain.

to all of us: the mythic depths

of feeling which she shows,

the majesty of grace and love,

which one who looks well knows.


See the horns?

See the tail?

Got a clue?


These clues, they just begin, you see,

to show her, to reveal

the intricate complexity 

of what we know is real.

Each day, each huggle portioned out,

each heartfelt “blessed be”

each wondrous post of words or pics,

each spark the muse sets free

reveals more, even, than her heart

can fathom or admit

is part of her grand mystery.

Mere words can hardly fit

her sight, imagination,

depth of feeling, winsome ways

that bring us such dear oneness

with her, and still amaze.


See the horns?

See the tail?

This is all just the beginning . . .

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    • James on August 5, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    I think you need to start hanging out with better poets, Majesty, 😛 but I suppose this will do.

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