Aug 04 2008

Yet another stupid costume…

On my continuing quest for finding one single succubi costume that looks nice…

I found this:

This… thing… Is the creation of Allure Lingerie of the UK. The cost of it comes to 33.84 in British Pounds…

The complete outfit includes the dress, devil horns, fishnet stockings and devil’s pitchfork.

*sighs a bit*

I can’t see any redeeming features on this whole thing…

The horns are far too big, the outfit is in my eyes kind of trashy… The pitchfork is way too small…

And of course this doesn’t come with shoes so you have to figure that out as well…

Still looking…



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    My guess, Majesty. This is not supposed to be a rendition of how succubi dress among people as it is an imagining of what a really tasteless, slutty streetwalker might wear on Halloween.

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    First of all your going about it the wrong way. First stop looking for the perfect outfit…it is not out there! it is in Your head! Create it. Find each piece. The Shoes, are they Black ,Red, or Pink? the skirt, pants, tights, panities??? what is next? you want a skirt, how long is it? Do you want stockings, garters? then the Panties 😛 they could be Thong, french cut, lacy,or silk. do they have a lil tail? do they NEED a tail? then the top, a T-shirt, a babydoll,blouse? then the bra, corset, full demi, what? when you answer these questions then you know that it can be a combination that only you can create.. I am sure you can be stunningly seductive in a potatoe sack. or not worth a second look in the altogether. it is all a matter of attitude.

    You would be happiest with the one you create yourself ,Milady. and so would KeithS. 8)

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