Aug 01 2008


Another one of my Succubi related story ideas…

By TeraS

You dream of me.

I know you do.

When you lay under the covers and the first touches of sleep creep against your mind…

I’m there…

You fall into the dreamworld and I await you. What am I wearing this time?

Latex? Leather? Lace?

Or am I bare, wet and waiting for you?

Where am I?

In bed? On a beach? A Dungeon? A field of flowers?

Or does it not matter?

How am I acting?

Sultry? Needy? Innocent? Demanding? Powerful?

Or you don’t care as long as I am waiting?

What happens next?

You crawl to me? Beg me? Plead for me?

Or not?

What will I do next?

Command you? Pleasure you? Tease you? Seduce you?

Or is it for me to decide?

Dreams are what you make of them you know…

And I am the stuff that dreams are made of if you dream for me…

It happens then…. Your dream… Your wants… Your desires…

And then you awake…

The dream fades from your mind…

It was a dream wasn’t it?

Of course it was.

Until you hear my soft laughter and see me in the shadows of the room watching you…

I step from the shadows, my tail swisching behind me in amusement…

I crawl over the sheets and straddle over your body. The bemusement in my eyes making them gleam in anticipation of what I will do next…

And you know what that is…

Because you just dreamed it didn’t you?


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    You certainly are inspired today, aren’t you, Majesty? Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday.

  2. avatar

    That was incredible, Mistress. So beautifully erotic. You have no idea how much I’d love for the dream to come true.

    *cuddles and hornkisses*

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