Review of Roxy and The Middleman’s Tuba

Last night was Episode 7 of The Middleman, and in it Roxy Wasserman, played by Elaine Hendrix made an appearance as did a number of Succubi in it…

I don’t have any images to tack onto this review as yet, but with some luck that will happen soonish…

In any case, the whole story line revolves around the only surviving instrument from the Titanic, which is a tuba that is cursed. If you play a particular note on it, you wind up drowning, as they say in the episode several times, “In the cold dark waters of the North Atlantic.”

And yes the Titanic references come at you hot and heavy through the entire show.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the Succubi appearances…

The total screen time for Succubi in this episode comes to about 8 minutes split on either side of a commercial break.

The first hint we have of the appearance of a Succubi is when Wendy and The Middleman start looking for the guys that might have stole the tuba. They arrive at an apartment and try to talk to the guy within. But he asks them to wait and give him 5 minutes because there is a “hot chick that wants me” in there with him. MM agrees to wait and he and Wendy have a discussion outside of the apartment about him lying until we hear through the walls the sounds of a bed hitting against it and then various screams of pleasure start. That of course makes MM and Wendy uncomfortable until the screams turn violent and the pair of them rush into the apartment.

Once inside we see that the guy is being attacked by a Succubi and MM restrains her thus saving the guy. After threatening to let her continue, they get some information from the guy and then MM, Wendy and the Succubus they have arrested make their way to Roxy Wasserman’s fashion house.

The first we see of Roxy (*waves* Hi Elaine!), she is looking at some clothing and comparing them to the stuff that the Beverly Hillbillies would be wearing. MM and the rest come into the room and the first thing he does is give Roxy a punch to the side of her head and then rant on her that she’s breaking their agreement.

Roxy of course is not at all happy with MM at that moment and bares her teeth and growls which is perfectly understandable. As well the room has about 20 other Succubi in it and then they all look at MM and Wendy as if they are going to attack them and we jump to a commercial.

Now. Here’s where I have issues with the episode…

Honestly at that moment I was really not happy with where this episode was going…  The one thing about Succubi and other such creatures is that once you have an agreement with them they will follow it. The more detailed it is the better really. So I had a feeling that this was just a plot device, and not really Roxy breaking the deal between them.

We come back from commercial and the stand off continues for a bit before Roxy orders all of the Succubi out of the room and MM has Wendy release the one they have captured from earlier. Roxy explains to MM that she wants to get that tuba so that it doesn’t get played and kill who knows how many people. She tells him that she’ll let him get it and destroy it, but if he doesn’t do that… Then she’ll send her Succubi and Incubi out into the city to continue to make lunch of the criminals that are connected to the tuba.

MM agrees and then he starts to turn to leave…

But Roxy has a parting gift for him. She lets fly a really good right hook to MM’s jaw and then the scene comes to an end.

And that is all we see of Roxy for this episode. That honestly disappointed me more than anything else as there seemed to be opportunties for her to appear again in the episode. She could have appeared on the boat later or elsewhere, but the focus of this show seemed to be on Lacy and MM’s relationship and going to see a cowboy movie.

I understand that they are part of the main cast and that has to happen, and that’s fine.

But Roxy’s appearance seemed to be more of a last minute appearance for appearance sake. It did give information that was needed in the show and so on, but otherwise I’m not sure that it was really necessary to use Roxy in that way.

She’s MM’s magic consultant. This whole event could have been played less dramatically and in a more interesting way I think than it was.

Imagine MM arriving at Roxy’s place and she’s in her office with a flute playing a haunting tune on it. She comes to a stop in mid-tune and then says to him, “Today the music dies MM…” And then explains what the tuba is and so on…

Elaine as always did a really nice job in playing Roxy and I did like the fact that she did reveal that she didn’t break the agreement that they had in the way she did. I still think that the show needs to give her little black horns at some point if they can, but that’s just me I suppose…

*Waves a little sign*

More Roxy!

I found out recently that the series is now scheduled for 12 episodes in its first season and I think there is going to be at least one more appearance of Roxy to come…



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    • James on July 29, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    We simply need to spin Roxy off into her own series, which you can write, Majesty, and I will be chief grip or chief cook and bottlewasher or whatever. We would need someplace to broadcast it, of course. How about SIN (the Succubi Infotainment Network). 😉

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