Wake Up Call

This is another story by Olcas of the Collective about his character Green and myself…

The other story I have posted here on the Tale by Olcas is called Mischievous Intentions.






Wake up call

By Olcas


Short story (with permission) about Green and Tera. Feedback appriciated!! 


Green stretched out, his bare chest muscles tightening as his arms reached for the top of the bed. That was a good nap, exactly what he needed. Suddenly, his hands felt metal. It took a moment for the significance of this to sink in. His bed was made of wood. He opened his eyes and looked up. The cool glint of gold bars came back into his eyes, their smoothness in his hands. He looked down at himself. Or rather, the pink silk quilt that covered his body. He slowly slid out of the bed, noticing that it was a King size, not his single. He was rather disappointed to learn that there was no-one else in the bed. 


He looked down at himself. What had he done last night? He was naked, but for his white boxers. He tried to remember. He had come home from work, made spaghetti, and watched a movie, then went to bed. That was all. So, why was he here? More to the point, where was here? He looked around himself. He was in a strange, expensive looking room, no small comfort spared. Just looking at the place made him feel at home….that he should sit down and…… 


He shook his head. He needed to get out of here and back home. He didn’t think he’d been kidnapped, as he had nothing anyone would want, and knew nobody rich. He walked to the door, and opened it, and walked out. He was in some kind of apartment, overlooking a huge city, which was weird as he lived in Ireland…. 




He whirled, certain that voice had come from just right behind him. But all that happened was the small pan that was hanging in the kitchen moved slightly in the air conditioning. He felt the breeze float over his chest, and felt goosebumps rise slightly as his chest hair moved slightly. He shivered and pondered his situation. If he was, as he suspected, in America, then running through the streets almost butt-naked wasn’t going to help. He decided to go back into the bedroom. Maybe he could find some kind of men’s clothes in a drawer or wardrobe or something. 


He reached for the door, and he could have sworn he had felt someone breathe softly on his cheek, and as he turned to see, a soft finger run down his chest. He took a deep breath, told himself to get it together and not lose it, and opened the door. 


And as he did so, the smell of female arousement hit him like a punch to the jaw. He breathed deeply before he knew what he was doing. He opened his eyes, and looked over at the bed. In it, obviously naked under the thin pink silk was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life. She had long think black hair, deep green eyes, and her red, luscious, lips were currently nibbling sexily on a fingernail. 


“Hello.” She said in a voice that set his manhood on fire, “I’ve been waiting for you…” 


“For me?” he said, unable to keep his eyes from wandering her figure, hardly covered at all by the quilt. By all means, it looked as if she was wearing pink body paint, not under a bedsheet. She giggled and her eyes glowed green slightly, just enough to make sure he looked into them, not at her other points of interest. 


“Yes, you, you silly man, who else?” she purred. A slim fingernail drew down her neck to the quilt cover, just above her breasts, but she kept going, pulling the quilt down too, revealing her pert breasts, nipples hard, moist. “Why not come over here?” she said. 


Green’s legs seemed to move by themselves as he walked over and sat on the bed, still staring at her. His boxers seemed very restrictive, and the coldness of the air conditioning all but gone. “Yes, those boxers are uncomfortable, aren’t they?” she whispered, the words moving through him. “Why not just take them off?” He nodded to her words, they made so much sense. He slid them off and tossed them over his shoulders, never looking away from her. Her hand slid in between his thighs, leaving trails with her fingernails, however, staying clear of his hardness for now. He moaned with pleasure. 


A slim tail came round from behind her and slowly took off the rest of the quilt from her body, revealing her in all her glory. Twin horns seemed to appear on her head, but Green cared not. His mind and body were focused on her. He NEEDED her….He felt his cock twitch as it came that much closer to her pussy, now that the silk had gone from obscuring it. She smiled and the tail wrapped around his waist, the tip running over his ass. She pulled him onto her, with a strength he didn’t know where it came from. She slowly let him enter her and gave a squeal of joy as he let loose inside of her…. 


As he slept, afterwards, Tera smiled. Grabbing him before he reached home from after work was perfect. The added hypnosis of the night before gave him that scared look that she loved…so cute….She licked her lips…..Time to wake him up and do it all over again….

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    • James on July 28, 2008 at 12:12 am

    THUD (waits for blood to seep back into brain).

    Before I fall over again, let me say “very nice story.” A bit of idiomatic trouble, in particular with the use of “By all means” where I think he meant “For all intents and purposes” or something like that, but still a very nice story.

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