Jul 25 2008

This looks soooooooo familiar…

I discovered this on YouTube through FreezeFrame the other night and as I said to him then…

Gosh she looks and acts sooooo familiar…


The actress playing the Succubus is named Tania Deighton.

I think she makes a very good Succubi… Though the colour of the dress I am somewhat iffy on…

But otherwise?

Oh yes…

She’s a Succubus…

The movie is called Demon Hunter and was released in 2005.

More information on it is here in the IMDb database for those interested…



  1. avatar

    Yeah, not much for the institutional blue, Majesty. But, if the horns were red and we could see a tail, she’d be just about perfect.

  2. avatar

    This is the best Succubi I’ve yet to see in a movie/TV show. Give her a different dress color, paint her red and give her a tail and she’d be perfect.

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