Jul 16 2008

Upper Deck Succubus Miniature for WoW

It appears that Upper Deck is going to release a Succubus miniature for their World of Warcraft board game.

The page on their site showing it and a 360 degree view of it is here.

But here’s a closeup view of her:

Wow Succubus Miniature

And the teaser text is as follows:


Faction: Monster
Race: Demon

Don’t get whiplash if this monster has your head spinning with her attire aimed at making men melt. She exists to fulfill your every desire, and to fulfill her own desire of sucking every bit of life force from you. Stay focused! You may fall in love with her miniature once you add her to your party, and then use her looks as a weapon against opposing forces. With looks that could kill, they won’t stand a chance.

I still hate the hooves…

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