Jul 08 2008

More stupidity…

Honestly the stuff that gets written…

This writer is saying that Madonna is a succubus…

*shakes head*

The most disappointing part of the article is this:

“From all the evidence I’ve gathered, Madonna displays all the traits of a mythical succubus,” said paranormal expert and roleplaying enthusiast Sal Labate. “Their basic M.O. is to seduce people and subsequently drain them of their life force and hit points. It’s understandable that nobody noticed this before. Succubi are way hotter in the Monster Manual.”

*just shakes head*

And it gets dumber by the moment when you read it all…

Goddess this is just stupid beyond belief…


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    Majesty, that article is stupid even without the word “succubus” in it. The idiot author is obviously out to insult Madonna but, not knowing You, does not realize the great complement he paid her. 😀

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