Jul 02 2008

Possibly the worst Succubus Costume ever…

Sometimes the level of yuck in a costume cannot be explained. I mean, there are some costumes that my first question to the salesperson is, what were you thinking?

Yucky Succubus Costume

Like this one for example…

I have but one comment on this costume.


No wonder it’s being sold at a place that has discount in it’s name… Moreover, why is this described as a Succubus costume in the first place? It’s not something that any self-respecting Succubus would consider wearing for Halloween I think.

Anyway, this is described as being having black bat wings with red details, a black skirt, arm warmers and corseted top.

The amazing thing is that it is described as being incredibly edgy and dark. Ummm… sure… like a blunt head trauma needs but a bandaid to fix it I suppose…

Originally on sale for $75, it can be found all over the web regrettably for about $35 now.

This gets the first zero pitchforks out of five rating from me.

If you know better, and I think most Succubi do…

Don’t buy this.



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    Not a succubi or even a succubus, Majesty (note the Richelle Mead definition in your banner); this is just a slut wearing wings.

  2. avatar

    What were they thinking?!

  3. avatar

    Ugh! This keeps popping up everywhere in my google searches! WHY?!

  4. avatar

    I think it’s the overwhelming yuk factor it has… Google keeps chocking on it…


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