Jul 01 2008

Something cute for Canada Day…

With thanks and huggles to James for this wonderful piece of writing that he has allowed me to post on the Tale….



Version of the Canadian national anthem… 


O Canada!

No Realm, but one nice land!

True patriot love in succubi command.

With playful hearts and glowing eyes,

quite mischievous and free,

above our bangs our horns shall rise,

O Canada, for thee.

Gorgeous and glad, glorious and free,

O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

*huggles for James*

Happy Canada Day everyone!


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    I believe I wrote that it was important to appropriately honor the most prosperous, the most peaceful, the most freedom-loving nation in North America (instead of that country celebrating a birthday on Friday). 😉

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