Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 31 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 32

I haven’t posted an image of Morrigan Aensland as a Succubi Image of the Week for some time now and so… The detail in this image is amazing, I only wish that I could provide a credit and link to the original artist that created this… Again, if anyone does know the artist or website …

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Jul 30 2008

Another Yucky Demoness Costume…

Sometimes I really have to wonder about what costume designers are thinking about when they create something… This website has a Demoness Costume on sale. And here’s the image of it… Brace youself… Anyone remember the movie Beetlejuice? See the connection with her horns? So. What’s wrong with this outfit? The horns are just comical …

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Jul 29 2008

Review of Roxy and The Middleman’s Tuba

Last night was Episode 7 of The Middleman, and in it Roxy Wasserman, played by Elaine Hendrix made an appearance as did a number of Succubi in it… I don’t have any images to tack onto this review as yet, but with some luck that will happen soonish… In any case, the whole story line …

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Jul 28 2008

Tonight… Roxy Returns!

Tonight at 10PM Eastern on ABC Family! Elaine Hendrix returns as Roxy Wasserman in The Middleman! A quick episode outline: The Cursed Tube Contingency Airdate: 7/28/2008 Wendy and The Middleman don Edwardian clothing to destroy a cursed tuba from the RMS Titanic before it can harm innocent civilians. Elsewhere, The Middleman takes Lacey out on …

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Jul 27 2008

Wake Up Call

This is another story by Olcas of the Collective about his character Green and myself… The other story I have posted here on the Tale by Olcas is called Mischievous Intentions. <huggles>   Tera ____________________________________________   Wake up call By Olcas   Short story (with permission) about Green and Tera. Feedback appriciated!!    Green stretched out, his …

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Jul 26 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 13

  The closing pricing as of Friday, July 25th…   Giving an index price of: $34.36. About 20 cents higher than last week’s result… Which means that the index is still flat for a full month now… It’s not looking good to be honest still… Leveling off is a good thing generally, but when you …

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Jul 25 2008

This looks soooooooo familiar…

I discovered this on YouTube through FreezeFrame the other night and as I said to him then… Gosh she looks and acts sooooo familiar… httpv:// The actress playing the Succubus is named Tania Deighton. I think she makes a very good Succubi… Though the colour of the dress I am somewhat iffy on… But otherwise? …

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