Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 16 2008

My New Succubi Manip – Kneeling…

And here it is: Obviously part of the work I did on this one are the horns and tail of the Succubi… What is probably less obvious is that everything to the left of her is stuff I added to the image… The background, carpet, kneeling woman, the tables and so on… The succubi was …

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Jun 15 2008

My next Succubi Manip…

Just a teaser at the moment… Hope to have it up by the end of the day… Update! Delayed slightly… I will post the image on the Collective and on the Tale tomorrow morning most likely…   Tera

Jun 14 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 7

  The closing pricing as of Friday, June 13th… Which gives an index price for the week of $36.857. Week #6 index price was: $37.91 Week #5 index price was: $39.185 Week #4 index price was: 38.15…  Week #3 index price was: 39.44… Index High Week #2 index price was: 38.89… Week #1 index price was: $39.39… The opening …

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Jun 13 2008

Ex-Girlfriend Succubi Button

Something cute that I discovered this morning on the Cafepress site… That link is here. As always I am providing this link to the item in question without any financial connection to myself or to Someone sent me a note asking if I received something for the occasional item posting, and I wanted to …

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Jun 12 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 25

This week’s image is something that I found on the internet around January of 2006 on a newsgroup… But despite the age of it, I really like this one bunches! 9.5 on the yummy scale I think… It’s probably so far my favorite Succubi image so far that I have posted for the Image of …

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Jun 11 2008

Evil isn’t it?

Well… Isn’t it? <huggles for my hero for sending it to me> Tera

Jun 10 2008

Droopey Tale…

Lots of server issues for the Tale at the moment… Sowwy! Pitchforking shall commence ASAP… Have a good day! Tera