Jun 23 2008

Another Video Game & A Reminder…

First the reminder…

The episode of The Middleman with the Succubi in it is showing tonight on ABC Family Channel… I’ll have a review of it up tomorrow most likely…

Next the video game…

There is a new game for the PS3 that is coming soon called Overlord:Rising Hell.

That website is here.

Part of a review of the game says this:

Prepare to make mincemeat of Melvin Underbelly, the morbidly obese glutton who, wielding a giant fork as a weapon, is unwisely swinging his weight around the Overlord’s kingdom. Give Goldo Golderson a hangover to remember in an alcohol-fuelled confrontation with the boozy dwarf who rides into battle astride a gargantuan steamroller. The chaos continues as a sultry succubus, scythe-swiping reapers, lurching-zombies and many more hysterical hostiles line up to take on the Overlord.

When I get home tonight I’ll add a screenshot of the Succubus in the video…

A little late but here it is:

Overload Succubus

She’s…. Typical… Regretfully…


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    Not surprised, unfortunately. I plan to be watching this “Middleman” thing, too, Majesty. Maybe we can compare notes.

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