Jun 20 2008

One Moment Please…

The Queen is pondering…

<tail swisch>

Now then… To the ponderings…

First to the site itself… It appears that the issues that have haunted the site have returned with a vengeance… Especially yesterday when Succubus.net was down better than 50% of the day. That’s sucky and I am sorry about that happening… I have put in some support tickets and maybe with some luck the issues will be solved sooner rather than later…

Second I would like to thank Kris publicly for sending me some images of Elaine in her role as the Succubus on Middlemen. I really really want to see that episode now more than ever! Still have my fingers and tail crossed!

Lastly I wanted to point some attention towards this site.

It’s a website that deals exclusively in makeup and devil horn creations… Again I have no connection with this site and am not receiving anything in return for this link. I am putting it here because I think that some of the horns are very well done. The ram ones I don’t care for really but there is a pair of little cute red horns that I think I really like there…

Hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend!


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    You do find the coolest sites, Majesty. And the contact from folks connected to that program is cool, too (and as it should be).

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