Jun 16 2008

My New Succubi Manip – Kneeling…

And here it is:

Kneeling- Succubi Manip By TeraS

Obviously part of the work I did on this one are the horns and tail of the Succubi… What is probably less obvious is that everything to the left of her is stuff I added to the image… The background, carpet, kneeling woman, the tables and so on… The succubi was also a little off in size when compared to the woman on the carpet and that had to be altered without changing the background towards the end of the work I put into it… Total time spent on this image comes to about 5 days. but it has been in the manipping folder for a few months now… The problem was locating a suitable dommish woman to turn into the Succubi…

It will be available on the Tale for a short period of time only and then you will have to go to the Collective to view it after that point. Links are in the Blogroll on the right side of the website. Registration is required to see the images at the Collective!


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