Jun 13 2008

Ex-Girlfriend Succubi Button

My Ex-Girlfriend was a Succubus Button

Something cute that I discovered this morning on the Cafepress site…

That link is here.

As always I am providing this link to the item in question without any financial connection to myself or to Succubus.net.

Someone sent me a note asking if I received something for the occasional item posting, and I wanted to state for the record that I don’t get a thing for them…

If it strikes me as something i would probably buy, I’ll post something in the Tale about it…

Hope you have a good weekend!



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    Of course you’re not connected to this item. If you were, they would have known to make it “My last girlfriend was a Succubi.” And somebody stupid enough to let said succubi be his/her LAST girlfriend (as in former, as in losing/leaving her), wouldn’t be able to read, purchase or attach said button to her/his clothing. :p

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