Jun 07 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 6

The closing pricing as of Friday, June 6th…

Which gives an index price for the week of $37.91.

Week #5 index price was: $39.185

Week #4 index price was: 38.15… 

Week #3 index price was: 39.44… Index High

Week #2 index price was: 38.89…

Week #1 index price was: $39.39…

The opening index price was $30.51…

A lot of the pull back this week is a result of the consumer price index and the volatility in the market this past week. Most stocks took a nose dive this week unless you were invested in the energy commodities, or in oil companies… Oil spiking as high as it has is contributing to the falling prices of the stocks in the Succubi Index because, most analysts have come to the opinion that, with energy taking so much of the available spending money of most consumers that will effect sales for the foreseeable future. Which makes sense really. Paying $80 to fill your tank and then go to the mall to buy something… You won’t buy as much now…


Enjoy the weekend!



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    So, in short, we’re all getting poorer, and we should enjoy the weekend.

    Majesty, I have a few people in charge of energy policy, and a few others on the boards of oil companies, whom I’d like to visit. May I borrow your pitchfork? :whistle:

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