Jun 06 2008

Adding some stuffs to the Tale…

Just a couple of quickie things I have added to the Tale overnight and this morning…

There are two new linkys in the Blogroll on the right side of the page and in the Tale’s Links page as well…

First one is the Blog page of the writer Larss, it’s called Charon’s Boat…


I know Larss from the MC community on the Collective and the Garden and the Forum as well… His blog is an interesting mix of ideas, stories and fetishes to explore and ponder…

The second is the Blog of RachaelFromNJ, it’s called What I’m Reading…


She reviews and comments on all sorts of books and novels written on different subjects and ideas… She’s intelligent, witty and an excellent writer and reviewer…

The other thing that I am trying to add, but it is nowhere near to working right is a sort of reviews page of Succubi movies…

On the right sidebar below the Succubi Stock Index you will see what is now a white box with something in it… That will eventually become the movie review part of the Blog and with luck I’ll add a movie review page at some point to the Tale as well…

Hope your Friday is a good one!




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    Expanding our horizons as ever, Majesty. Depending on how you are feeling hot 😉 , I hope you either (a) get to use it, or (b) get a chance to cool down.

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    Many thanks for the link Tera.

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    Wow Tera you rock! So sweet of you to praise my little ole blog like that and to praise me! 🙂 Thanks, I was very touched by your kind words. 🙂 😀

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