Jun 04 2008

Next book on the order list…

Is this one:

Hotter Than Hell Novel Cover

It’s titled Hotter Than Hell by Jackie Kessler…

Another blog posted a blurb about it here.

A small smidge of that review is:

Daunuan is The Prince of Lust and an Incubus with all the sexy charm he needs to make women melt. Daun’s job is to seduce evil people into sleeping with him and calling out his name so he can suck out their soul and bring it to hell. Daun was happy with the Succubus Jezebel, until she left her job in Hell, took on a mortal form and fell in love with a human. Jezebel wants Daun out of her life so she can live her happily ever after with her boyfriend Paul, so Daun is trying to move on and leave his former Succubus in his past.

I honestly am not quite sure what to make of the story really… I mean I can see it sort of but it sounds… Off? Somehow…

Anyway, it’s not that expensive a book and so it’s on the order list for next month…

I’m hoping it’s more than I think it is…


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