May 28 2008

A Response to an Email to the Tale…


I received an Email this morning from a reader of the Tale, which got me to pondering a moment.

The gist of it can be taken to a simple sentence:

Why bother having your version of a Succubus?

Why bother…

Why bother giving someone I care about what they have fantasized about?
Why bother being a creature that can give others their dreams?
Why bother being a being that loves and cares for others?
Why bother describing a world where it isn’t darkness and destruction?
Why bother making a mythos that in the end says, you can be more than you are?
Why bother will all of that?

Because I can.
Because I do.
Because it’s who I am…

And if you can’t understand that…
If you can’t allow for that…
I feel so very saddened for the world you live in…



  1. avatar

    Amen to that.

  2. avatar

    You are exactly right.

    And you may never be able to explain this to someone who looks at the world this way.

    I am saddened both by and for such people.

  3. avatar

    I, for one, love the image you’ve created. I love the person, and the Succubi, that you are. And I also feel sorry for whomever sent the email.

    *huggles and kisses*

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