May 27 2008


By TeraS

You sit there mesmerised…
But that is exactly what you want.

Your eyes following my outstretched finger…
The long red nail glistening in the lights around you.

Round and round it goes…
Tracing my so red lips.

Just slightly parted they are…
The lights making them shine invitingly.

You hear words pass between them…
Slipping into your thoughts effortlessly.

Your needs grow moment by moment…
All else within you simply goes away.

And you just fall into the red around you…
And submit to me.


  1. avatar

    That was so sensual, Mistress. I’m glad you’re feeling better. All the huggles and well wishes seemed to work. Now, what can I do to get you back up to 100%? 👿 :love:

    *huggles and kisses each horn*

  2. avatar

    Really nice! Long enough to lead a victim in, and short enough to leave them wanting more 😀

  3. avatar


    You’re starting to recover; that’s clear. Now I hope I can. 😉

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