May 09 2008

A Reminder for someone special…

I’ve looked.
I’ve seen.
I’ve known.

You should.
You can.
You will.

I believe.
I hope.
I pray.

You are.
You see.
You know.

My heart is.
My soul is.
My love is.

Believe in you.
Trust in you.
Know that you can.

I do.
I always have.



  1. avatar

    Your special someone is very lucky Tera.

    And so are you.

    And i know you both know that.

    Hope you’ve been enjoying your day.

  2. avatar

    *cuddles you close, stroking your beautiful horns* Thank you, Mistress. I really feel special just having you in my life.

    *kisses and huggles*

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