May 06 2008

Horns of the Succubi…

Another one of those “Tera has been mulling again” posts to the Tale…

After looking at Succubi for many many years I have noticed that horn wise we fall into three main catagories…

The first one and the one that I honestly hate the most are the Ram horns. You know the ones…. It strikes me that having huge heavy horns on your head would do two things… One… Can you imagine the neck strain involved in holding your head up? And two… In the middle of having fun wouldn’t it be bad to knock the other person out cold by hitting them in their head with your horns?

The second are the long horns that stretch straight up from the top of your head about a foot or so. Just a lil bit dangerous isn’t it? Not to mention the damage to your bed and pillows from driving your horns into them over and over again…

Then there are the ones that I and my kind have… Just short little ones that just peek out from above our hair at the temples maybe an inch or two at the most… If you think about it a bit, that marks us as Succubi. But with a little mussing of hair and so on you’d never notice the horns really…

Now the other part of this that a lot of people don’t consider is… In a lot of cases… <points at my own horns> Stroking horns is very…. Yummy…


I’ll leave what that means to your imaginations…



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    I’m imagining that it somehow makes both the Succubi whose horns are receiving attention and the person applying the attention feel verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good. (Enjoying a mental image). Of course, a Succubi who managed to run her fingers through her own hair could engage in an amazing form of masturbation. (Enjoying another mental image) 😛

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    I agree with you totally, Tera. I don’t know why so many Succubi have horns like that. The ram horns really don’t do anything for me. The same with hooves and dragon claws. I personally have never had the urge to get it on with livestock or any other animal. Feet are sexier and so are smaller, more realistic horns. As for stroking them, I think you know where I stand on that. 😉

    *huggles and long, slow horn kisses*

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    That’s a great categorization. Personally, the shape of the horn has less significance than it’s quality. For a creature as sexual as a succubus, hard unfeeling pointy horns just don’t make a lot of sense. Sensitive, gracefully curved horns with an inviting texture, on the other hand… ^_^

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