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Succubi Stock Index Week 5

  And so another week of the stock market comes to a close… The closing pricing as of Friday, May 30th…   The current index price is: $39.185 Week #4 index price was: 38.15…  Week #3 index price was: 39.44… Index High Week #2 index price was: 38.89… Week #1 index price was: $39.39… The opening index […]

The Middleman… Yet another Succubi mess…

The Middleman… Well, you have probably heard that ABC is coming out with another comic book to TV Series disaster… It’s called The Middleman and is premiering next month… The Wikipedia entries are For the comic. For the TV Series. And a promo piccy from the series: Now there is one hopeful note about it […]

Succubi Image of the Week 23

This week’s image is from Garrett Blair… I think it’s a very cute image, though he has titled it as Devil Girl… It would have been nice for her tail to be red in colour as would be her horns… But it’s beautiful nonetheless… Maybe someday he will respond to my request of a drawing […]

A Response to an Email to the Tale…

Oddly… I received an Email this morning from a reader of the Tale, which got me to pondering a moment. The gist of it can be taken to a simple sentence: Why bother having your version of a Succubus? Why bother… Why bother giving someone I care about what they have fantasized about? Why bother being a […]


Reds By TeraS You sit there mesmerised… But that is exactly what you want. Your eyes following my outstretched finger… The long red nail glistening in the lights around you. Round and round it goes… Tracing my so red lips. Just slightly parted they are… The lights making them shine invitingly. You hear words pass […]

A Continued Rant on the Reaper Succubus…

Now that I can at least sit up in bed long enough to type, I’m going to continue my rant over that poor excuse for a Succubi in the Reaper TV Series… One thing that really bugs me is how Sock (still think that name is dumb) describes being kissed by the Succubus as, and […]


Nothin else to say really… Tera

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