Apr 22 2008

Twisted up Tail Tuesdays…

Not really much of a posting today in the Tale as I am having a Monday cleverly disguised as a Tuesday…

Necessary pitchforkings shall be administered to the deserving individuals as soon as possible…

In other news…

Got my birthday present a lil early this year…. It’s next Tuesday the 29th for those that are interested…

<huggles my hubby>



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    Sorry you’re having a Monday, Your Majesty. If there’s anybody you cannot pitchfork, please send me a list, and I will find ways to . . . deal with them.

  2. avatar

    I, for one, am very interested in celebrating the day you were born, Mistress. Especially the birthday spankings. In Succubi tradition, would you be the recipient, the giver or both? 😉

    *horn kisses*

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