Apr 21 2008

Succubus in the 4th Edition D&D Rules…

In short the change is…

On page 66 of the Worlds and Monsters Fourth Edition preview book it states that the succubus is now a devil.

Pardon me but…

That’s a pile of crap…

A Succubus is NOT a devil… Don’t give me the usual baloney about them looking the same and crap like that…

A Succubus has always been separate from the devil line BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

I mean honestly…



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    That’s just silly. Everybody knows Succubi are vampires. Or are they flesh-eating zombies?


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    *tickles without mercy*


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    Lucky BF! 😉

    I’m afraid that battling such ignorance will take several lifetimes, Your Majesty. Unless, of course, you convince those nice perfume people to let them help you. A few simple chemical additions could make it much easier for you to educate the populace. 🙂

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