Apr 20 2008

Succubus Scented Perfume

Out of curiosity this morning I started searching for perfumes called Succubus…

And discovered this company’s website:


They have quite a few different fragrances there and one of those is named Succubus…

From the website the description is:


Bat-winged, flame-eyed, and possessed of an unearthly, perfect beauty: the Daughters of Lilith, the Succubi, invade the dreams of men and lie with them in rapturous, unholy sexual union. The scent of their skin is bittersweet, dusky and terminally seductive. Mimosa, orange blossom, neroli and bergamot with a drop of sweet clove.


Cute description but I find it difficult to place the overall scent they are describing however…

According to their site, 5 ml of this fragrance is $15 USD.

And shipping to where I am would be $11 USD…. Wow…

There is a note that they do provide samples…. I’ll ask and see if they will send one…

Because it’s intriguing….



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    What? No cherries?


  2. avatar

    I know! I’m totally disappointed!




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    They are simply ignorant about what they need to provide (cherries for certain succibi, and then all the aromas of the succu-wiki catalogue). Perhaps they need to engage a royal consultant to help them develop an appropriate Succubi perfume line.

    The men of this world (and many women, no doubt) are doomed. :*

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