Apr 15 2008

A place to store souls…

This particular item brings to mind an event on the Collective that I hold near and dear to my heart… I started an RP thread called It’s Time To Play A New Gameshow in which I was the host and asked questions of various people that played in the thread…

One of the first players was ASG…

He is one of the most talented writers in the MC genre that I have ever seen. It’s a joy when he and I can RP at some point and I look forward to each and every time that we can RP together at the Collective…

He made a comment about his soul being in a little tin box and that resulted in a fun little RP between us that I still look fondly upon to this day…

And today I discovered this:

A lazer etched tin with a Succubi on the lid

Looks like a good place to hold souls!


The site selling the item is here.


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