Apr 12 2008

Richelle Mead Interview

Litle interview with Richelle Mead…


Can be found here


I did find this part of it interesting from a reader’s point of view:


MediaBlvd> Without giving anything away, can you give any hints about Succubus Dreams, which you have coming out, later this year? What can fans of the first two books expect from Book 3?

Richelle> Succubus Dreams is the center of the series, and as such, it’s a real turning point in the series because we kind of lose the status quo. A supernatural mystery and Georgina’s love life still play central roles, but I think the ending will shock a lot of people.

MediaBlvd> How many Succubus books are you contracted for now? Do you have an end-goal in mind for the series, or are you writing it more open-ended?

Richelle> I currently am contracted for six Succubus books. I’ve always had an ending planned for it, which really helps as I write each book. At the moment, I think I could do the series in seven books, but if there’s demand, I can probably extend it.

So on the one hand there will be a good deal of books to come from her, and I am very happy about that…

But on the other hand I do wonder about that ending she is talking about… Something I have noticed in a great deal of novels about Succubi is that they never seem to get to have a happily ever after…

And that’s not fair…



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