Apr 05 2008

Succubus short movie…

Something I discovered at a recent film festival where I live is a short film called:


Succubus – A brand new way to make babies


It’s…. Different to put it mildly…


The website for the film is here:




A short synopsis of the film:


Lilith, a cat-rescuing entrepreneur, and Athena, a genetic engineer, are desperately trying to have a baby together. Their attempts to conceive with the help of science have failed, so Lilith takes matters into her own hands, and uses her unique skill set to steal some very special sperm. That task turns out to be an easy one compared to convincing Athena it’s a good idea!

Which sounds good overall but as the film goes on you begin to wonder about it on occasion…

Now this film has some very good ideas in it and I give full points to everyone involved in it for what they have created, but the title to connect with the film?

It seems somewhat of a disconnect to me. When you watch this movie you come to realize early on that it is a comedy for the most part leaving the characters in it in situations that barely ring true to me when they are fitted into the overall idea of the film.

Mind you the entire film is only 14 minutes so you have to expect some shifting of goals from one idea to another in an attempt to tell the whole story before the end credits arrive…

You will find yourself drawn into their story as their desires are seen and then tempted by a means to have the child that they want. They tend to butt heads a little and then eventually they manage to find a common ground and move on towards what, for them, is hoped to be a happy ending…

Don’t go to it expecting tails and horns and a real Succubi appearing…


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