Apr 04 2008

Some site updates…

Lil update this morning on the trials and issues of the site for those that might be wondering…

There is still hosting issues with my provider, they are trying to repair the issues and are forecasting a solution soonish…


In other news….

I was randomly entering URLs into my browser and discovered another address that wasn’t in use…

Soooo… It’s mine now…

Adding to my site URLs of:










I have also altered the home page of the site a lil bit….

The snowflakes are put away for the season and for the moment I have a fireworks show there along with changing the background to black to match the main index page’s colour…

Hope you all have a nice Friday!



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    The transformed home page was a lovely surprise this morning. I hope the snowflakes gone not only from the home page, but from your view out the window (I know your heart is already warm and sunny).

    Have a wonderful Friday, Your Majesty.

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