Monthly Archive: April 2008

Apr 30 2008

You know a Succubus is female right?

Get your terms straight please! Ummm… Tom Cruise… Is a Succubus??? Succubus? Say WHAT? Honestly it is getting ridiculous… Call him an Incubus if you want to fine… After all that is the correct term isn’t it? Once more for those that haven’t gotten it yet… Succubus = Female Incubus = Male It’s not that …

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Apr 29 2008

A Succubi’s Birthday…

Just a lil quickie note for today… It’s my birthday and I’m not going to be around very much at my usual places… If you want to see my birthday present to the MC Community, have a look at the Collective Gallery in my folder for something called Paddy Wacks… <huggles for all> Tera

Apr 28 2008

Statistical Succubi Tale Thoughts…

It’s interesting to look at the data that is collected on the Tale… For example, last week was the best week ever for me with 710 visitors to the Tale and for the month of April it is so far a grand total of 1,835 visitors which will be the highest month ever by far… …

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Apr 27 2008

Lazy Succubi Sundays…

Not really much of a post today and I am in the middle of several things for the Collective and the Garden at the moment… Hoping to post another Succubi manip on the Collective in the coming week… Possibly for Tuesday… Otherwise I have been working on the Wiki posting some more articles and on …

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Apr 26 2008

Succubi Stock Index Update

I’ve gotten a bit further in the creation of the Succubi Stock Index taking in some of the suggestions that have been left by James, Fzy1 and BFSlave… The translation and starting price for each stock follows: PLA – Playboy Enterprises – 8.49 LTD – The Limited Company (Victoria’s Secret) – 19.37 JNJ – Johnson …

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Apr 25 2008

The Succubi Index

I was looking at the stock market this morning and had a really odd thought… What would make up a Succubi Index of stocks? After taking some time to work out the companies connected to products that Succubi would use, I came up with the following stocks that would make up the index… ConagraFoods – …

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Apr 24 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 18

It’s Thursday again and of course it’s time for the Succubi Image of the Week… And here she is: I really like the overall image bunches, but I wish that she had a tail…. Tera