Monthly Archive: March 2008

Mar 10 2008

Succubus Dress Up

This is just too cute for words… And an example of what you can create: Tera

Mar 09 2008

OK… Enough with the snow!

Half a meter of snow overnight plus what’s fallen so far this winter is enough!!!!Sheesh! Tera 

Mar 08 2008

Succubus stuff on Cafe Press…

First thing I am gong to say is that I have no connection to anything on… That said, there are actually a lot of items available on their website that have something to do with Succubi…. A link to Cafepress is here. From that you get something like 256 possible items that relate to Succubi. …

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Mar 07 2008

Site Problems Again…

Just for the record, for some reason my website is sloooooooooooow…. I have asked the Imps to have a look and see what’s going on… Hopefully it will be resolved sooner rather than later… In any case, have a happy Friday all! <huggles>   Tera

Mar 06 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 11

This week’s image was sent to me by a visitor to that thought she was an excellent choice…     I couldn’t agree more…   The Email didn’t attach a character name or artist information so if anyone knows, please share?   <huggles>   Tera

Mar 05 2008

Birthday Huggles…

Today is a very special day for my family… I’ll have to explain that a little bit… A few years ago I joined a yahoogroup called the Hypnopics Collective. I was with them for a few months, mostly lurking about and not really contributing to the group. Then the group was forced from Yahoo and …

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Mar 04 2008

Succubi Contact Lenses…

Umm… Hate contacts… I mean I really really really hate contact lenses. But. For this I might wear them with one of my red latex dresses, horns, tail and boots… Because really this looks neat! The website offering them is here. Tera