Mar 31 2008

It’s the end of March…

And a Succubi’s thoughts turn to…


Well sex of course… As if it isn’t on our minds all the time anyway…

But in this case it’s going to be an upcoming movie that Succubi are going to appear in…

You can see the information in Fangoria here


I just have one comment that pretty much puts this whole film in the trash bin for me that is taken from the article I linked to…

And that is:

“We only used the idea [from the first film] of flesheating female demons inhabiting a mansion. The new movie is really the story of a hardened police officer—picture Harvey Keitel in BAD LIEUTENANT—who’s obsessed with solving a bizarre murder in his quiet suburb.” It’s not long before the succubi make their titillating appearance: “

Flesh… Eating.. Demons….



Will someone please understand that a Succubi is NOT a vampire or a zombie!



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