Mar 28 2008

A poem – Eyes

A poem from James, a very good friend… 



By James


Her eyes so green

they charm my mind

and pierce my soul

and leave me blind

to all that was. 

Should horns and tail

warn me away?

It’s far too late.

All I can say

is “Yes, my queen.”

Her eyes . . . so green.

Her wit beguiles,

this Succubi

sees who I am

and helps me try

to see it, too.

So generous,

Her Majesty

helps each one here

to truly be

lustful, playful,

hopeful, artful.

With snugs and smiles

her heart beguiles.


<huggles for James>





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    A beautiful, eloquent tribute to a wonderful Mistress and friend.


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    Hopa all is well.

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