Mar 24 2008


For reasons that some close to me are aware of I probably will not be on the Collective or Garden this coming Wednesday or Thursday…

In other news…

The site is still sloooooooooooooooow… Apparently I won’t get an update on fixing it until sometime later this week or next…

I will pitchfork some imps just in case…

And in the weather…


It’s snowing again…

Mother Nature I will have to visit and explain things to…




  1. avatar

    Well I cannot wait for friday then!

    Hope things work out for the best, the snow is for the good.

  2. avatar

    Just give Mother Nature a green tail and horns; then she’ll have other things to think about. 😉

    As for other matters, I’ll be in touch with you less publicly later.

  3. avatar

    *great big huggles to you, Tera*

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