New website of interest…

A member of the Collective, Doc Fakes, has opened up a new website called WonderPixs. 

A link is here.

In the Doc’s own words for his site:

So, this site is meant to show your imagination, thoughts, dreams, and ideas using adult manipulated imagery. These images can contain just a quick caption, some short text, or a longer story. They can be a single idea with one image, or told over several images. A few examples would be: I wonder what she would look like with a different body? I wonder how she would act with the mind of a bimbo? I wonder what that movie star would be like doing porn? I wonder what he would do in my shoes? I wonder what it would be like to have a wife or girlfriend that was a centerfold model? And so forth. I hope that explains things well enough. Just let your imagination run wild and let’s all have fun!

You will need to register for both the Gallery and the Forum much like at the Collective.

Hope you have a look and help make it grow!

<huggles for the Doc>



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