Mar 19 2008

Thoughts from the Queen…

Another in a series of vage poems/stories from me…

Why is it that when you see me you see just what is expected of me?
Not the love I offer.
Not the hope I give.
Not the heart that is yours.

Why must the words of the past hold sway?
Must it be dark?
Must it be sad?
Must it be that way?

Can you not see past the tales of the past?
Ignore the fear?
Look past the words?
Forget what was?

If I hide my horns and tail and you see me as not what I am…
Am I not the same?
Do I not care as much?
You then forget what I am?

It isn’t me then is it?
I am all of this.
And none.
And more.

Those that know me know.
I am not what they say.
I am not their toy.
I am not their fears.
I am not their words.

My name is Tera.
I am the Queen.
I am the Heart.
I am the Soul.

I am a Succubi.
And not like anyone else you have ever seen…

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