Mar 18 2008

Interesting opinion on sex…

So I did a google news search this morning and came up with this article from Sheknows.com.

Some of it I think is very telling about the person that wrote it, the Succubi angle on it is:

Boys may not be the sex machines our fathers warned us about (an neither are we of the succubus breed), but I believe men and women by nature are amorous, sensual beings. Of course your man desires you, but when faced with a difference in sex drive, clear communication, patience and a creative mind can help both of you get what you need and want. And ladies, if it takes a while to find balance in the bedroom, a few solo turns never did a girl harm.

I’ll give her the article in general as being correct in many ways, but when you are a Succubi and you find an Incubi for an Eternal…

And you love each other…


Then the communication, patience and in our cases the creative minds are there always…


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    I don’t think there are many people in the world as fortunate as you and I, who find such really compatible, challenging mates. Of course, Keith is clearly very lucky, too; Kathleen is . . . well, patient, to be sure.

    Those who have not experienced the miracle we get to live with, Your Majesty, must compensate, I suppose.

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