Mar 17 2008

Odd things that people see as funny…

Found this blog this morning…

It’s here.

One part of it caught my eye…

We also got in a really big pile of fantasy/supernatural themed romance novels. They are hilarious. Who knew vampires, werewolfs and shape-shifting dragons yearned for love as well? My personal afavourite, though was ‘Succubus Blues’ -m about a succubus, who, when she isn’t stealing the souls of men thourhg their wangs, works in a bookstore and has a crush on a ‘sexy writer’ named Seth. Bridget Jones et al. think they have problems – how much worse is it when you can’t get a guy, not due to ugliness or social ineptitiude liek the rest of us, be because when you touch him you will suck out a piece of his SOUL. *dies*


OK then… Obviously you have a wonderful love life then I suppose?

In any case, maybe what you don’t understand is that, believe it or not, it is possible for all creatures in the universes to find love and have love.

And when we can find it…

<hugs my hubby>

It’s something wonderful…


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    Well – hov about to take the devil’s advocates position and ask why they came up with that soulstealing story?

    Ok, Succubi might be naughty – a bit too naughty for a christian priest or monk so they fraternize (thats not according to the rules of the monks, but just fine for Succubi). :p
    The believer feels himself to be fallen into love and out of his contract (eternal life in heaven, that contract with the high entity whitout picture, you know… :angel: ).

    And these are the only ones if they talk about christian belief who actually loose “their soul”. 👿

    To my opinion, that rabble rousing speech about Succubi interested in Souls rather than fun is a bit distracting :whistle: …

    The Weasel

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