Mar 15 2008

Still sick…

Still sick and suffering. Just one comment about being a Succubi and being sick… There is no possible way to sneeze and look sexy doing it… And don’t say anything about my blouse and bra popping open in the sneeze… As I have told someone else… That’s a bit over the top isn’t it? 

Enjoy the weekend!



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    Sorry you’re still suffering. More huggles being exported even as I type.

    One small flaw in your premise, Your Majesty: it assumes that sexy is primarily about LOOKING. But that is only for the lower life forms. Those of us who are more evolved (and it doesn’t take much; I am but an amoeba compared to so many) know that the mind has much more to do with it, and yours has been slowed a bit, perhaps, but hardly stopped.

    Rest well, and sneeze with gusto!

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    Feel better, my beloved Mistress.

    *offers orange juice, chicken soup, and lots of cuddles*

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    Still think you look good crawling out from under the covers in any case *smiles*

    Bro’ FF

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    *tickles you bunch of sillies without mercy*


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