Way back a long time ago…

The 80s brought us all a bunch of really really bad TV series…

One of those was Superboy…

Episode #24 of Season One was called Succubus…

And last night on the old crappy TV series that no one will watch except at 3AM channel….

They showed it…

Ummm…. Ick!!


A little synopsis of the show is as follows:

A man asks a beautiful woman author for her autograph, but gets more than he bargained for when Pamela Dare (Sybil Danning [V, Battle Beyond The Stars]) instantly drains his youth and turns him into an old man – a dead one. Later, T.J. White becomes smitten with the sexy romance novelist when she visits Shuster University to promote her new book. She does her best to get in good with T.J., knowing that he is Superboy’s friend, but is only using him to find the Boy Of Steel – a similar tactic she uses on Clark after meeting him. Unbeknownst to all, the author is a “Succubi,” a centuries old vampire-like creature who drains the youth out of her victims to maintain a youthful existence. Pamela captures Lana and T.J., holding them hostage to lure Superboy to her lair. She plans to drain the life out of Superboy to keep herself youthful forever.


A Succubi is NOT a vampiress darn it!


It’s a typical 80s show really with the usual cuteness and so on revolving around a plot that makes less sense than a Supertramp album cover at times…

A lousy image of Sybil Danning as the Succubus:

Superboy - Sybil Danning as the Succubus

And for those of you that are a glutton for punishment, here is a youtube link to a scene in the show with Superboy playing all of the positions in a baseball game and the Succubus in the stands licking her lips and trying to get his attention… 

<rolls eyes>


Enjoy the weekend!



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    • BFslave on March 1, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Wow, I forgot just how cheesy that show was. And people put down Smallville. *rolls eyes*


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