Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 22 2008

An odd little poem…

Something that came to me this morning on the way into the office… What am I? A Succubi. Who am I? I am what people see. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, it doesn’t matter. Tall, short, average, means not a thing. What they want is what they will see. It is just part of being me. But …

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Feb 21 2008

Succubi Image of the Week Nine

Pushing the cute factor to new heights this week… I have no information on the artist really save that the original filename has the name Ragnarok in it… Information would be helpful! Tera

Feb 20 2008

Age of Conan Succubus?

So… Found an image of her… As usual it’s very disappointing… A short quote from a game review site is here. The part of the review that I care about is: In the game you’ll find 12 classes, a few of which were shown off in a dungeon below Kheshatta, an end-game desert area. In …

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Feb 19 2008

Anyone understand Castlevania?

  Because I’m trying to write a SuccuWiki entry and I am having all sorts of issues with it…    Plotline and character information would be nice to have about the Succubi in it…    Even though they are more vampires than Succubi…    Tera   

Feb 18 2008

Lazy Holiday Monday…

It’s Family Day here where I am… So I would just like to thank my hubby… *huggles* And my family… *huggles* And my online Brothers, Sisters, Daughters, Sons and everyone else in my family… *huggles* Thank you all for being part of my life…  Love you all so very very much…   Tera

Feb 17 2008

A new Succubi comic book…

  Came across this on a Google shopping search today: And the link to the order page is here. It’s scheduled to be released on April 30th this year and looks like it could be interesting. A short blurb from the website: “A ‘Twilight Crusade’ crossover! She can’t control her urges. She extracts pieces of men’s …

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Feb 16 2008

Google ranking… Oddly weird…

I have to admit that as part of my day I go to Google and type in Succubus and see where my site ranks on the sites that appear… And it’s really weird the last few weeks actually where appears… The actual site names themselves don’t change mind you. I see Wikipedia and the …

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