Tail pondering on the Tale..

That might be a little circular, but bare with me for a little bit…


The thought came to me this morning about the various tails that Succubi have been drawn or otherwise shown with. And some of them I look at and wonder what people were thinking when they decided on a particular tail…

For example, a barbed tail….


Why would someone pick a tail that has all sorts of pointy things sticking out of it? I realize that the “classic” Succubus eventually claims the soul of her prey and in order to do so she will kill them…  But… How is a barbed tail of any real use otherwise?

Then there is the rough or armored tail that can be seen on certain RPGs…

That doesn’t make a lot of sense either to me. If you consider a tail as sort of an extra arm to a Succubi, it can be used to slip around someone’s waist or arm to draw them closer… So why would you have a tail that might break the hold that a Succubi might have on someone?

My particular bias is for a tail like the one shown in the image at the top of my blog…

It’s smooth, very flexible and reflects a certain amount of sexiness when you look at it. When I RP as the Queen of the Succubi, my tail is part of the RPing. I use it to snare someone’s arm or waist or leg trapping them to me. It’s a means of expressing emotions from time to time…

But it also has a mind of its own… When it wants to make a comment, it bampfs a little sign with a message on it into it’s grasp and shows it. When it is confused about something, the tip of it will tilt to one side or the other in confusion. It can move as if it was giggling…. 

It has expressiveness.

And maybe that’s something that needs to be considered when someone draws a Succubi or otherwise creates one…

The tail is a very large part of whom a Succubi is.

Always be nice to the tail….


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    • BFslave on February 24, 2008 at 11:44 am

    I’m always nice to your tail, Mistress. *strokes it gently*

    Seriously though, I agree with you. Succubi are creatures of seduction. Having a spiked or armored tail doesn’t make sense to me. True it is spaded, but I imagine the spade as soft and flexible, like cartilage. The skin is smooth and silky. When it wraps around someone, it’s supposed to make them not want to be free of it’s grip. I know I don’t. *winks*

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