Feb 22 2008

An odd little poem…

Something that came to me this morning on the way into the office…

What am I?
A Succubi.

Who am I?
I am what people see.

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, it doesn’t matter.
Tall, short, average, means not a thing.

What they want is what they will see.
It is just part of being me.

But in spite of all of their wishes.
In spite of all of their needs.

Three things only.
They never will change for me.

Two red horns that mark me.
A long red tail forever will be.

But most of all.
That which is most telling…

Green eyes always to see.



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  1. avatar

    Not odd. Sweet.

    The other thing all will see (maybe it’s in the green eyes) is the power, the strength that is in you.

  2. avatar

    All I see is the love in your heart, Mistress.


  3. avatar

    another thing that never changes…
    you are my sister and I love you
    doesnt matter blonde, brunette, red head,
    big, tall, short or small…
    sexy or nerdy or just plain flirty
    I love you for your words and your wit
    and your sexy, sexy script
    But most of all I love you jus’ cause

  4. avatar

    A poet, a writer, a muse, a creative artist, all these plus a seductress who attracts and tempts every person’s soul who She meets.

  5. avatar

    Perhaps not that good, but someday…

    Thank you Andy…


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