A Poem For The One That Has My Soul by TeraS

I know that this doesn’t rhyme in places, but maybe that’s not that important in the grand scheme of things…

A Poem For The One That Has My Soul
By TeraS

Once upon a time I was alone
Once there was nothing more
Once there was just me
Once there was nothing else to be.

You met me one night
You offered me the light
You offered me a way
You guided me away.

Loved me for who I am
Loved me again and again
Loved with all your heart
Loved because you could see.

I’m not the person I once was
I’m more because of what you made me become
I’m thankful that you answered my question
I’m always remembering that answer.

Yours truly I repeat
Yours truly I gladly scream for all to see
Yours forever my love
Yours I will forever be.

Forever you have my soul
Forever I have yours I know
Forever is not just a word
Forever is the love we share and give in this world.

Thank you…

Happy Valentine’s Day my love…

Your loving wife

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