Feb 12 2008

Political hack writers and the use of the word Succubus

I’ve noticed something of late, and I have ranted a little bit about it from time to time, but now I think I am going to expand on it somewhat.

What the hell is the matter with political commentators???

Why is it that every chance they get it’s Succubus this and Succubus that? And the connections they make… Honestly…

Today of course another writer dropped the tag onto Ann Coulter in his article almost offhandedly…

Has Succubus become a replacement for more unpalatable words that would get them in trouble if they used them?

Perhaps they wanted to use b*tch or wh*re or c*nt or something more crude, but the management of their paper or whatever told them that in doing so there was a lawsuit issue or something?

I can understand the use of Succubus when it is applied to someone that actually fits the description of one. For example there was an article about a pornstar that fit the description of a Succubus physically… So I can live with that…. She didn’t have horns and a tail, but the outfit she was wearing just about screamed Succubus to me when I saw it…

In any case, I think that with all of the political baloney that is going on in the USA at the moment this will continue for a while…

After all…

The Succubus vote isn’t that large is it now?



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    it would not surprise in the least if they weren’t a major political influence.

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    Fzy1 may be right, as, given your power, it would not take a large number of you to sway an election, eh? 😉

    On a more serious note, these pundits are clearly victims of lazy thinking (one comes up with a metaphor, and they all parrot it, hoping, it seems, to sound cool). Further, in this case, they are sexist: when they attack male opponents, they don’t fall into sexual demonic imagery; they insult men’s intelligence, but tend to leave sex out of it. That they think it’s acceptable to treat the women that way is insulting . . . not just to women, but to anybody with a brain.

    Finally, it’s not a very informed argument, is it? You have proven that succubi are intelligent, enlightened, elegant creatures. I would never compliment Ann Coulter (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter) that way.

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