Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 10 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 3

Found this image late last night and I think it’s a lovely one to share!  Have a happy day!   Tera 

Jan 09 2008

What would the Devil drive?

This is a neat little tale from the National Post that I just discovered here. The one part of it that I smiled over was this: Satan’s car has a single bumper sticker that reads: “I brake for succubi.” I really need to have some of those bumper stickers made up… Have a good Hump …

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Jan 08 2008

Thought For The Day…

If a Succubi has a “kink” in her tail… What exactly does that mean?Think about that for a minute… Leather? Latex? Lace? What exactly is the kink? <winks> Tera

Jan 07 2008

Song of Succubus

A new album came out recently; it’s called The Lycanthrope, by Valentin Narvaez. A review of it can be found here. And a link to a youtube of it is here. There is one song on the album called The Succubus, which in the review is described as: ‘The Succubus’, a demon that takes on …

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Jan 06 2008

Picked up another domain or two…

I discovered that was available. As well, someone allowed to lapse as well…Sooooo…. I now own them both… For the moment they both mirror this site, but I might pull the SuccuWiki onto its own domain in the future if the demand calls for that…Hope your Sunday is a nice one!Tera 

Jan 05 2008

Succubi Image of the Week II

Have a good weekend! <huggles>  Tera 

Jan 04 2008

Going on a short rant… Wanna cum?

It’s becoming sort of a cliché in the news these days and it’s really beginning to tick me off. Every single time a woman is seen as being upwardly mobile or just a little bit too sexy or maybe has a relationship that seems like she’s trying to gain something…She’s described as a Succubus. That …

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